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Aplicacion personalizada UTIL

¿How can you increase downloads  for your app? Offer added value utilities in your app.

We customize the apps with the purpose of getting more downloads and to add value for the client.

If every hotel or turistic apartment is different, why should we have same app for all of them?

We customize apps by integrating our systems and PMS. This way, every establishment has an useful tool, for both, for the establishment and the client. Furthermore, we can get a lot of big data.

BeHotel is not just an app. It is a puzzle of utilities which can be integrated in different applications.

We are experts in the develop of apps, but we like unique apps, the ones that add value to the establishment and guest. We use IoT technology, automation and domotics, which is what the client really appreciates and offers a one-of-a-kind experience, never lived before.

We work together with you and make a deep study to understand your needs and offer the best solution.
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