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Pasarela de pagos inteligente.

Payment system with the mobile phone

In our way to get the excellence in the relationships with customers, we have created BePay, a payment platform that allows the client to pay, with the mobile phone , and also with wristbands or magnetic cards. It needs to be confortable for the customer, easy and practical.

The customer has lots of ways to pay. Furthermore, it is possible to make personal discounts and many customizations in order to have a happy customer in the always tedious payment process. It can be easily achieved with the smarthone, wristband, magnetic card or a sticker in the phone.

¿How does it work?

En primer lugar autorizamos a todos los usuarios que quieran acceder a todo el consumo eléctrico de una habitación.

Una vez, el último móvil, haya abandonado la habitación se apagarán todos los dispositivos eléctricos definidos.

Sustainability and environment

In this way, we avoid unnecessary waste of electricity, save costs, help to improve the environment and prevent greenhouse effect.

Helps with the accessibility


Evita las complicaciones que pueden causar a personas con movilidad reducida al no tener que introducir ninguna tarjeta y permite que el usuario tenga luz nada más llegar sin necesidad de pulsar el interruptor.

We work together with you and make a deep study to understand your needs and offer the best solution.
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