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Through the use of FastCheckin, the accommodation sends the guest a link that directs him to a WebApp in which the guest, without having to download any App and from home does his check-in. After entering the reservation number in this link, the user will check in by providing their data simply by taking a picture of their ID or passport, these data arrive at the hotel reception in the police file form before the client arrives at the hotel, in such a way that when the guests arrives at reception, the hotel will simply have to validate his data. For this, the user must have made the corresponding reservation of their stay that must be validated by the hotel prior to obtaining access through the WebApp.


The owner of BECHECKIN, is INSERTA OPEN MAIN SL, with NIF / CIF B90235037 and address at Avenida San Francisco Javier 24, 41018 Seville (hereinafter the owner). The company is registered in (registration data in the Mercantile Registry of Seville).

Delegate of Data Protection (DPD): we have enabled a channel where you can inquire about the doubts regarding data protection and how to exercise the corresponding rights established in the General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD).

Becheckin is committed to responsibly managing the privacy of owners, managers and guests. We will put all the necessary means and we will be clear and direct when we transfer what information we collect, process and / or transfer to suppliers that comply with the required security measures. In the same way, we will provide a fast and direct way for you to rectify or directly delete your data.

With our privacy policy we want to make clear:

What personal information we collect and treat in relation to you as a client and your guests, your use of our website (becheckin.com) and our traveler input parts management WebApp.

1-Where we get that data.

2-What we do with these data.

3-How we store them.

4-To whom we transfer / disclose these data.

5-How we manage your data protection rights.

6-How we comply with the regulations on data protection. All personal data is obtained and processed in accordance with the data protection laws of Spain and the European Union in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) that begins to be applied on May 25, 2018.


When we speak of “clients” we refer to owners and managers of tourist accommodations. These are the three types of data we can obtain from customers:

a. Contact information, which includes: Name and surnames, phone number and email.

b. Specific data of the activity: Tourism registration number, tax identification number, address, tax identification number, city, location, connection data with registration of the Security Forces’ guesthouses and number of parties.

c. Communications: Any recorded conversation by email, social networks, support chat, help center, phone, whatsapp or other messaging or postal mail applications.


“Guests” are all those people who are hosted by the “clients” in a formal way and who must provide their documentation to be registered according to the law. The “personal data” of a guest are all those data that are strictly necessary to cover the entry part of travelers or to have the necessary information to pre-cover said part. This data will be obtained by Becheckin when the clients make use of the application. This is the specific information we can obtain in this way:

Personal data to complete the entry part of travelers or police file. Name, surname, document number and type of document that proves your identity, whether passport, identity document, Spanish driver’s license or residence permision, date of birth, date of expedition of the document that proves it identity , expiration date of the document that proves it identity, country of birth, sex (Male or Female).

Purposes of the use of the data of clients and guests:

a. Provide the service of Becheckin: entry records, contracts and books-registration in PDF and transmission of guest data to the Security Forces (Civil Guard, National Police, Mossos d’Escuadra or Ertzaintza).

b. We may require the email of the guests to send them a link through which they can register, but never for commercial purposes. You can also send entry parts, copies of contracts or any other documentation expressly authorized by the client and always for the purpose of proper compliance with the procedure of registration of travelers. We do not store the data.


We make available to our client the data of the guests, so that when the guest accepts the data policy, he is accepting that the establishment has all the data. BeCheckin does not store any data, it sends them to the establishment.

a. Becheckin.com website: It has an SSL certificate, an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, the standard technology to keep an Internet connection secure, as well as to protect any confidential information that is sent between two systems and prevent criminals read and modify any data that is transferred, including information that could be considered personal.

b. WebApp: We use Amazon’s cloud service, which has the required security standards.

c. Client management software: To manage the relationship with our customers, we use Hubspot. Encrypted data and high security measures that prevent the penetration of personal data.

d. Telephone calls: To make and receive calls in order to provide support and marketing purposes, we use Aircall, management software that maintains the security and integrity of the data.


How the personal data of clients and guests are shared. The exclusive purpose of the collected data is to fulfill the purpose of the service offered by Becheckin to its customers. That is, the transmission of data from guests to clients and from clients and guests to the Spanish Security Forces. With this objective, we may share your data with service providers that help us achieve this goal and that have been mentioned above. These providers comply with a strict data security control.


– We will NOT use the guests’ data for commercial purposes or any other type other than their communication to the Security Forces as required by the rules on traveler registration.

– We will not give data of clients or guests to third companies.

– We will NOT expose your data.